Who Is Arch Kelley III? Exploring Wynonna’s Former Partner’s Story

You know her as one half of the legendary country music duo, The Judds. But before Wynonna Judd rose to fame with her mama Naomi, she was married to a man named Arch Kelley III. Though their marriage ended in divorce back in 1998, Arch was an important part of Wynonna’s life story. In this article, we’ll explore the winding road that led Arch to meet and marry one of country music’s biggest stars. We’ll learn about his family background, his work, and his unexpected relationship with a future superstar. Stick around as we uncover the tale of the man who won Wynonna’s heart, if only for a little while.

Quick Facts About Arch Kelley III

Full NameArch Kelley III
Year of Birth1952
Current Age72 years old
Former PartnerWynonna Judd (ex-wife)
OffspringElijah Judd and Grace Pauline Kelley
Relationship StatusDivorced
Place of BirthDickson, Tennessee
Brothers/SistersLean Kelley and Claudia Kelley (sisters)
Mother and FatherArch Kelley Sr. and Pearl Potts
Estimated Wealth$50k

Introducing Arch Kelley III: Wynonna’s Former Husband

A Whirlwind Romance

Wynonna Judd met Arch Kelley III in 1993 and married him just two months later in a spur-of-the-moment wedding. Arch was the owner of a Tennessee security firm at the time. The quickie wedding came as a surprise to Wynonna’s friends and family, who worried she was rushing into things. Sadly, their concerns proved correct.

Trouble in Paradise

Problems arose in the marriage soon after the honeymoon ended. Arch struggled with alcoholism and was abusive towards Wynonna. She contemplated leaving him but felt obligated to stick by his side. During this time, Wynonna’s music career also started to suffer.

Attempting to Move On

In 1998, Wynonna finally worked up the courage to ask Arch for a divorce. However, they attempted to reconcile a few years later. Wynonna’s family and friends warned her against getting back together with him. Their relationship issues continued, and Wynonna filed for divorce again in 2000.

Parting Ways

The second divorce proceeding was lengthy and messy. Arch demanded a large share of Wynonna’s assets and earnings. The legal battle dragged on for over a year before the divorce was finalized in 2001. Wynonna has described her marriage to Arch as a “train wreck” but says she grew from the experience. Arch faded from the public eye after the divorce. Wynonna was able to re-focus on her career and went on to find happiness in a third marriage. Her turbulent relationship with Arch Kelley III serves as a cautionary tale of how whirlwind romances often end in disaster.

Arch and Wynonna’s Whirlwind Romance

When Wynonna Judd first laid eyes on Arch Kelley III in 1991, it was love at first sight. Arch, a businessman from Texas, swept Wynonna off her feet with his charming Southern ways. ###A Passionate Courtship Within just a month of meeting, Arch proposed to Wynonna, and she eagerly accepted. Their passionate whirlwind courtship led to an extravagant wedding shortly thereafter. As Wynonna’s fame skyrocketed, Arch was right by her side, supporting her burgeoning career.

Challenges and Heartbreak

However, the pressures of Wynonna’s fame soon took a toll on their relationship. Arch struggled with Wynonna’s busy schedule and frequent travel, leading to feelings of neglect. There were also rumors of infidelity on both sides. After just two years of marriage, they divorced in 1993.

A Second Chance at Love

Despite the heartbreak, Wynonna and Arch remained on good terms. Several years later, they rekindled their romance and remarried in a private ceremony in 1996. At last, it seemed they had found the right balance between Wynonna’s demanding career and their relationship.

Sadly, it was not meant to be. Wynonna’s struggles with addiction and erratic behavior caused irreparable damage. In 1998, a mere two years into their second marriage, they divorced once again. This time, it was for good.

Though short-lived, Wynonna and Arch’s love story was a passionate one. At the height of her fame, Arch was the one person who could make Wynonna feel like an ordinary woman. And for that, she would always be grateful to her “angel” – the man who stole her heart not once, but twice.


The Ups and Downs of Their Marriage

Arch and Wynonna had a whirlwind romance, marrying just six months after they first met. In the early years of their marriage, things seemed blissful. Wynonna frequently gushed about Arch in interviews, calling him her “best friend” and the “love of her life.”

A Rocky Road

However, the honeymoon period didn’t last long. Rumors of infidelity and jealousy plagued the couple. There were also reports of physical altercations and abuse. Wynonna’s career was also taking off with The Judds, putting strain on the relationship.

Attempted Reconciliation

In 1993, Wynonna and Arch separated. But they weren’t quite ready to call it quits and attempted to reconcile. They renewed their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony. Alas, the reconciliation was short-lived. They filed for divorce the following year.

An Amicable Parting

Despite the troubles in their marriage, Wynonna and Arch have maintained an amicable relationship. Arch continues to manage Wynonna’s finances and business affairs. Wynonna has said that Arch will “always remain special to me.” For his part, Arch has called Wynonna “the love of my life.” Though the marriage didn’t last, the love and respect they share remains.

While Wynonna Judd went on to marry her current husband, Cactus Moser, in 2011, Arch Kelley III never remarried. His devotion seems to remain with the one who got away. Theirs appears to be a story of love lost but not forgotten.

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What Happened After the Divorce

After Wynonna and Arch Kelley III finalized their divorce in 1998, Arch faded from the public spotlight. While Wynonna went on to have a successful solo career and marry her current husband, Cactus Moser, little is known about what became of her first husband.

Out of the Limelight

By all accounts, Arch chose to live privately following the end of his marriage to Wynonna. There are no records of any further music or acting projects under his name. For someone who grew up with fame and spent over a decade in a high-profile relationship and marriage, perhaps a quieter life was appealing. Some sources speculate he may have returned to his hometown of St. Louis or another Midwestern city.

A Life Together Cut Short

Wynonna and Arch’s marriage lasted just over a decade, coming to an end in 1998. In interviews, Wynonna has described being young and in love, touring together during The Judds’ early years. She became pregnant at age 18, giving birth to their daughter Grace shortly after. They married in 1986 when Wynonna was 22. While the marriage ultimately ended in divorce, they shared many formative years and experiences together. Their daughter Grace, now an adult, was able to have a close relationship with both parents.

Looking Back

Two decades after the divorce, Wynonna’s reflections on her first marriage seem wistful. In her memoir, she describes Arch as her “first real love” and “a good man.” There appears to be no ill will, only the bittersweet nostalgia of youth and lessons learned. Both Wynonna and Arch have moved on to new chapters of their lives, but their shared history lives on through their daughter Grace. While fame and divorce led their paths to split, the love they once had will remain.



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